Barcelona is a pretty cool city. Warm, sunny, friendly people who are not trying to sell you perfume, great architecture, what more could you want? Other than a few less English tourists, but you can’t have everything.

Well what I would have liked would have been a stomach which had not decided to go on strike. This was either the result of something I ate in Egypt, or on the Iberia flight from there. Given the timing, it was more likely the latter. An airline that is nasty enough to not let you listen to your walkman is capable of anything.

This was a bit of a bugger and meant that it took that bit longer to go and visit things, and they couldn’t be too far from a toilet.

But Barcelona was a good place to be feeling poorly, and I was still able to do most of the usual things, looking at the buildings designed by a dude who couldn’t draw straight lines, that sort of thing. But despite his obvious lack of basic drafting tools like rulers, this Gaudi guy was pretty switched on. Designing a bench made out of bits of ceramic tile that as well as looking cool is actually comfortable to sit on is pretty impressive.

Of course, like everyone else, I went to see the worlds most visited construction site, and I have to say that it is pretty impressive. What is more impressive is the fact that while they have been working on it for over 100 years, they still have another 30 or so to go. And they haven’t built the big towers yet.

One minor drawback to Barcelona was the timing. When I was there, it was coming up to St Georges Day. It appears that St George is the patron saint of everywhere in Europe which hates dragons. But I also learnt that the story taught to us on our side of the world is not strictly the whole story. Before slaying the dragon from his mighty steed, he deafened it and herded it into favourable ground by throwing around more explosives than was used to dig the Suez canal. The Spaniads, as this is such an important event to them, faithfully re-enact the event in its entirety. Except for the dragon and the might steed bit, because they are hard to come by. But to make up for it they use more fireworks.

At this point I feel I should be writing some kind of summary of inspiring thought at the end, but there is not really a lot to say, other than it was time to go home & get a job (which took slightly under 24 hours) and get some money back into that bank account.

The trip has come to an end