went to Bahrain to go pearl diving. You know, go diving, grab oysters, open oysters, find pearls. Simple huh, and with the promise of riches beyond dreams (or was I reading too much into the advertising there?), it has to be a winner.

So I fly in to Bahrain on a lovely summers day. Hot and calm. Crap weather to be wandering around a city with a pile of luggage looking for cheap digs, but great weather for diving. So I get myself said digs, and cruise off to the dive shop, where I say “I am here, take me diving”. And they say “no worries mate (Robin – the dive shop chick was an Aussie, so she did actually say that), we will do the course, and the forecast for tomorrow is looking a bit marginal, but if not, then the next day”.

This process repeated. The whole week I was there, there were 2 good days. The day I arrived, and the day I left. Someone, somewhere is laughing at me. Actually, considering that at least one person has read this, I reckon more than one person is laughing at me.

Despite having a holiday which primarily consisted of waiting to go diving tomorrow, Bahrain is a pretty interesting place to do it in. So I had fun, because the ones in charge of the weather (do they do the traffic lights too?) don’t have a monopoly on having a few laughs. And of course I try my best to spread joy and merriment in peoples lives. This was helped by the crew at the dive shop who reckoned that they should do their best to make sure I had a good time, which was pretty cool, thanks.

So instead of diving, I lapped up some of the culture to be had in Bahrain. If you have never been to a Moslem girlie bar (yes there is such a thing), it is something you must do at least once, at least it is if you are masochistic. The show is even less spectacular than you would imagine, but I learnt that Fosters makes a no alcohol beer (but can it taste any worse?). Those Saudis watching the show wouldn’t be drinking alcohol would they? The fact that shows as bad as that one do not only survive, but flourish, is one of the best arguments that I have seen that extreme rules about what one may and may not wear are a bad idea.

Though not all of the woman in Bahrain seemed to follow the Islamic clothing rules. The ones who hung around my hotel speaking Russian especially. They made an interesting contrast to the people who decided that the modesty required of Islamic women extended to having to wear gloves. Interestingly for a country where the women are covered from head to toe, there are a lot of jewellery shops.

Alas, even the airlines were not cooperating, because the flights to Cairo were all full, so I couldn’t extend my time there and had to leave for Egypt as planned. Bugger.