Well, some of you, those from foreign parts most likely, will be expecting amazing tales of scenery like something out of a movie and adrenaline pumping activities. Well, I am afraid I must disappoint you.

I arrived, caught up with some mates in Auckland, my sister flew up to pick me up, together with my new brother in law, and we flew down to Tauranga. Yeah, the scenery on the flight was pretty good, but nothing better than you would expect.

So then there was the wedding thing. I have to say that my sister looked fabulous, or my mother will get upset, and I must say that both of the bridesmaids, especially Megan looked fabulous as well, or else I will get in trouble again. But even without duress they did look pretty good.

Other than that, it was a wedding. A whole pile of effort for a very short time. Sorry Mum, but you know how sentimental I am. Mind you, I cashed in big time on the brownie points for flying all the way round the world to go my sisters wedding.

Then I cruised off catching up with people. Those of you I caught up with, it was real cool. Those I didn’t, bummer dude (or dudette) , you will have to come and visit me or leave it till next time.

So that was pretty much NZ. Some of the same people. Some different. Compared to the UK, very very quiet. Bordering on dead. Is this a positive or a negative? Of that I am unsure, but it was time to move on, so off I went to Perth.