A little while ago I was informed that my sister was getting married & that my presence was required. So I set about determining the optimum route to get there and back. It goes something like this:








Hell of a way to get to Tauranga, but it seems you just can’t get direct flights these days. Bummer eh?

I will spare you most of the hassles I had with travel agents I faced in actually booking the trip, but some were just too good. There was the agent who informed me that I could not fly to Truk from London. Or Auckland to Bahrain, or anywhere but London to Auckland. There was the woman from Flightcentre (whose motto is “Lowest airfares guaranteed -provided you tell us what they are first”), who when I complained that one of her workmates had not called me back as promised, looked at my itinerary & said “I can see why”. Me, all I could see was a fair swag of commission going their way. And there was Trailfinders, who after taking a week and 3 phone calls to mail me an itinerary, suggested that it would be best if they mailed the tickets to me 7 days before departure.