10 August

Today I felt that I should take some time out from my hard routine to catch up with you all. So after getting up at the crack of noon, I ran to the nearest net cafe & wrote emails. To rest up from this I sat in the sun in Central Park & read my book, wrote a few postcards, that sort of stuff. That and confirmed just how small the world is. I was chatting to a couple of Aussies at the hostel who knew a couple of friends of mine from varsity who were now working in London. Gotta go a long way to get away from that type of stuff these days.

11 August

For a change, I will spare you with the details of today, except to say that it consisted of a lot of wandering around and looking at various stuff, which was interesting to me, but the details won’t be to you. That and I went out again & discovered why so many people in New York do cocaine. The reason is twofold. One is that they can’t afford beers, and the second is that people do drugs trials where they pay you a couple of thousand for you to take cocaine for a month & submit yourself to a few blood tests and such. Unfortunately I couldn’t get my plane tickets extended so had to go to London and get a job as an accountant rather than a coke head. Bummer huh?

12 August

Alas today was my last day in the Big Apple. Woe is me. So after packing up I went to Coney Island with a couple of the other people from the hostel. There we a few of the least motivated freakshow acts in the world. The dwarf was good enough to take time out from bleaching his hair to mumble something at us while tying a balloon in an unrecognisable shape. After dragging ourselves away from this we went and had a bit of a look at the Atlantic (a lot like the Pacific actually & very calm as well), and of course went on the ferris wheel. Do many people start wondering what the design life of ferris wheels was at the turn of the century after they have got on the thing, or is it just me?

So then there was a bit of a rush to JFK, because NY public transport never runs on time, and I got off at the station before the one I should have and staggered around lost for a while. Bummer that. But once the bus driver actually got moving, he seemed to sense the urgency, and got a move on. That or he was practising for a role in Speed, unaware that in the next sequel, the bomb is in a passengers bag, which will go off if it gets lost. But it is an odd feeling to be in a bus that is doing the slalom track down the motorway, running the odd red light, and generally acting like it is a much smaller vehicle in a bigger hurry. But we made it there, and I even got off at the right terminal.

13 August

I arrived in London and was given the regulatory grilling by the immigration agent. It appears that merely having the requisite visa is not enough to get into the country , you should also meet a few conditions that they make up on the spot. Luckily, being an accountant, with sufficient money to last for a while and having a couple of interviews already arranged with recruitment agents seemed to knock out most of the reasons the immigration agent could have for not letting me in the country. It seems they have this dread fear of Kiwis & Aussies coming here and bludging off the dole. This might be justified if we could actually get it & London were not so much of a dump of a place to be with no money. Oh well, it is their country I guess.

But, in an absolutely amazing display of kindness, I was actually met at the airport by Lisa (Sarah’s sister). Remember that I arrived at about 9am. Again people are being amazingly nice to me. Dunno why.

Lisa dropped me to Pauls place, who had been good enough to offer me his floor to sleep on for a while. Paul just happens to be living & working in a pub at the moment, so I was forced to spend the day experiencing a typical British Sunday by sitting in the pub gossiping. I could sense that this living for free in a pub was going to get a bit expensive.