3-5 August GP to New York – a muggers dream

3 August.

Today was raining. Damn, that meant I couldn’t paint that fence. Don’t you just hate that? So today we bummed around some, like being on holiday really. I did decide to go forth and do battle with the evil money machine. Armed with a pen and paper to report it’s misdeeds to higher authority, and ensuring that it was aware of all of the unpleasant things I would do to it if it did not co-operate I stepped forth. And it gave me money in a suitably chastised manner. Who says that threatening a machine doesn’t work?

4 August

Being my last day in town, I felt that the most appropriate thing to do was bum around some more & rest up.

Brenda took the Blazer to the dealer for a checkup because it was just about to run out of warranty. This was helped a little by the 6000kms we had clocked up in the past month or so. Big place this. Especially as we only covered a little bit of it. Amazingly the dealers found nothing wrong with the car. It seems then that they are all a complete pile of junk. Must remember that if I am ever in the market for a 4 wheel drive.

In the evening I flew to Calgary where I stayed overnight with Brenda’s mother.

5 August.

Brenda’s mother was even good enough to drive me to the airport at 5am. This was amazing, thanks.

I eventually arrived at the hostel at 9pm, and as there was only 2 timezones difference, this was a long day. It was made an the longer by the fact that United doesn’t serve beer on North American flights. Thought they did decide, like most airlines, that they should showcase the finest in local cuisine. But I am not really a great fan of cheeseburgers, so I wasn’t that impressed.

US immigration did not live up to the surly reputation that they have. Then again it was in Calgary. The only conclusion I can make of this is that it is not the immigration people per se, merely the fact that they are on US soil. Understandable.

As you arrive on the plane at Newark, you can look across to Manhatten Island and see the Chrysler Tower , World Trade Centre and Empire State, just sitting there, telling you that you have arrived, despite still being in New Jersey. It was a great sight.

In my befuddled state on the way to the backpackers I couldn’t help noticing that almost everyone on the train seemed to be wearing large amounts of gold jewellery. This seemed unusual. Wasn’t New York the sort of place where you were wiser not to go around showing large amounts of removable & portable wealth. Then it slowly dawned on me. These guys weighed approximately as much as I did. When my backpack and dive bag were added in. They probably had less to fear from muggers than I did Although any mugger who wanted my bags at that point would have been welcome to them. When you add dive gear and work clothes, and a few other toys which you can’t do without when you shift countries to the stuff you need on a trip, the weight increases some. No-one was going to grab my bags and make a run for it.

After a day of travelling, the city that never sleeps had to do without my help tonight.