16-18 July Osoyoos to Vancouver Island – what a gas

16 July.

Today we drove on to Osoyoos. which is Canada’s only desert area. Quite a nice looking spot with a lovely lake in the middle which provided irrigation to the orchards around it. .Osoyoos lake cuts across the US border. and because the US gets a bit annoyed with boaties who go over the border without filling in the requisite forms, there is a row of buoys across the lake marking where Canada stops and the us begins.

The road over the hill into Osoyoos gave great views. But I could not help feeling that they, like so many of the other nice views that the mountain roads had were spoiled by the metre high concrete barriers that they had all along the side of the road. I am sure that they are an admirable safety device, but really did spoil the view.

We all went for a parasail on the lake, which was pretty cool, you get a nice view from up there & a good buzz which left us all in happy moods for the rest of the afternoon. After mucking about on the beach for a while we decide we should push on to Hope.

On the way there I found the answers to some of those questions which had been preying on everybody’s minds.

How long does the last 1/4 of a tank of gas last in a Chevy Blazer. -About 10 km.

How long can you drive said Blazer with the fuel light on -About 40km.

How big is the tank in a Chevy Blazer -At least 65.5 litres, although Brenda reckons it could be as much as a 68-litre tank.

How much shit do the passengers give the driver when he answers the question of “how long has the fuel light been on?” with “Oh. a while” and the next question of “how far is the next town?” with “quite a way”. -Surprisingly little.

I guess that they figured that they would be able to sit in the car & listen to the stereo. cook tea in the caravan. do that sot of thing while I walked to the next town. We trusted the fuel gauge a little less after then, but did make it to a gas station before we ran out.

Hope was not particularly exciting, more a good place to stop after a long day on the road.

17 July

The road from Hope to Vancouver is pretty much motorway all the way. so we cruised along there without much to provide excitement. with the only possible exception being the Corvette police car which was going the other way. We found a campground. ditched the caravan & headed into the city.

We decided it may be best for our stress levels if we wandered around separately. Brenda & Shari went clothes shopping & I wandered around some other side of town, where among other things, I found a great car rental place. They rented anything from a fairly ordinary BMW up to Ferarris, with the middle including Dodge Viper, 911. that sort of stuff.

Unfortunately prices matched, and when I returned & told Brenda & Shari of this great place they didn’t seem too keen to go thirds even without knowing the prices. Typical chicks huh? They did say that if wanted one they would pick me up from the police station at the end of the day, which was quite nice of them.

18 July

We drove up to some famous suspension bridge, which I have forgotten the name of & can’t be bothered looking up, and walked across that, and then drove to the ferry to Vancouver Island. This involved driving through the centre of downtown Vancouver, or at least the route we took did, and as I was just driving, not navigating, I cannot take any of the blame there. The Vancouver locals did not seem too concerned by the sight of an old caravan driving through the centre of town, and even decided to put on a whole lot of roadwork’s for us to make the lanes narrower & more interesting. Generally they appeared to figure it would be less hassle if they just steered clear. I think Brenda had her eyes shut most of the time, her definition of ‘plenty of room’ appears to differ from mine a little bit. The fact that it is her car might have something to do with it. But we eventually made it to the ferry to Vancouver Island & a couple of hours later we were there.

We ended up staying at Sidney. Canadians are both very unoriginal in naming their towns and cannot spell (though that is probably just American influence). Sidney is the sister city to Cairns & you can see the family resemblance, except for the fact that Cairns is tropical.