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The rest of the trip.

After Italy, we had a significant run of campgrounds without electricity & I stopped writing about things as they occurred. Next time I will buy a car adapter for my laptop. And probably a GPS navigation unit, because I am told that they don’t close their eyes. But here is a breif rundown of the remainder of the trip…

Croatia – with the best scenery from campgrounds ever, man I wish I knew more people who played Risk like that

Some great diving & being introduced to the local Brandy, made with 7 herbs and spices, some of which were even identifiable & legal.

Staying in an apartment overlooking the Adriatic

Slovenia – checking out the cows in the marketplace, and the dragons on the bridge

Then inland to Austria & Graz – more heavy metal.

Czech Republic – drinking Budweiser in Budvar

Scaring the locals as the person in the left hand (drivers) seat of the car struggled to read a map & while not letting it exit stage rear

Trying to figure out how to read the astronomical clock in Prague, as well as catching up with Sarah’s parents

Germany – staying at a campground at one of the former checkpoints into the city

Worship at a slightly more modern cathedral selected by myself, not Sarah for a change.

Ahh, Stuttgart. Great museums with inspiring exhibits.

Liechtenstein – the smallest country with the steepest & narrowest streets drivable on. Even if it did confuse the hell out of the locals, who seemed to think an engergetic stroll up them was a better idea.

Switzerland – how much?

Luxembourg – damn those swans.

Netherlands – I really cannot recall…

Belgium – I really really cannot recall. All I know is that beer brewed by monks is a sign from God. Probably that he loves you and wants to be happy. Especially when it appears to start at 8%

Plus the coolest town around – the Dutch/Belgian border meanders through the town with disregard for where the buildings are or any other apparent rules. Making it an idea spot for an international pub crawl & dead ants in two countries at once.

London – it was good to be sleeping in a bed & have electricty after 10 weeks without. But not for long because Ireland was beckoning..

Ireland – off visiting relatives I never knew I had & attempting to keep my Grandmother from causing too much trouble. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not. Gotta be a better way to travel around the Ring of Kelly than some tour bus eh Grandma?