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Now as I am sure you have figured out by now, I think the best thing about living in London is it is an easiest place to go on holiday from. And holiday I shall. And I think it is coming time for another little jaunt.

I have been having those nagging feelings that I have been living in London for over a year now, and other than a few weekend trips, and a week in Barcelona, I haven’t really got to the rest of Europe. This should be rectified.

So I had an idea. Buy a car & drive around Europe in Spring.

But as anyone who has done any of those getting stuff done courses knows, there is a step between an idea & doing. It is planning. Important details need to be sorted out. Here, I can fall back on the wealth of experience derived from every other Kiwi & Aussie who has come over here & done the trip around Europe. Key amoung these is the transportation issue. Experience has long shown that purchasing a classic example of 20 year old German engineering is the way to get around

There were of course, two choices.

Option 1:

VW Combi.

Seats, sleeps & contains cooking facilities for as many as liberalities and elbow room allows. Economical and generally reliable. Distant cousin of the bahnstorming 911. Plenty of room for dive gear, clothes, cooking equipment, tents, and any other essential or generally useful items. Often found painted in the kind of colour scheme that turns heads & makes drug dogs whine.


Admirably practical mode of transportation


It is a combi

Option 2:

Mercedes 380SL

Seating for two, one double amputee and a well behaved hampster. Reliable (at least it bloody well better be). Been known to engage in a little bahnstorming on weekends. Plenty of room for dive gear and a few essential clothes. Turns heads.


Not a combi.

Admirable means of travelling.


Gas is cheaper on the continent isn’t it?

The insurance – hey how big a risk is a guy who has had his UK licence for 6 months & buys a 3.8 litre convertible?

Tough call huh? I am sure that you are glad that the accountant in me won out. The Mercedes it was (when was the last time you saw an accountant in a combi?). And besides it’s a V8, every boy wants a V8, especially this one.

So now it is just down to minor details of planning a route & sorting out little administrative details. And saving some money after I spent it all on my car. At present these details largely involve a map & a whole lot of pins marking places which would be cool to go to so I can figure out a vague route. At present it goes something like this. Wander vaguely east via Cognac, Geneva, Stuttgart & a variety of places in between to Croatia. Then depending on money, time & inclination head north or west.

The reports on the trip are fairly limited, because I found that electricity in campgrounds is also limited, and this really knocked out my ability to write stories. Sorry.