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In case you haven’t heard, I just got married. One thing that I have noticed is that the girls always want to know about the ring, and the guys are less interested. Well, call be a big girls blouse, but the engagement ring bit is interesting.
When it came to asking Susanne to marry me, I knew that just cruising down to the local chain jewellery store and pointing to something at about the right price just wasn’t going to cut it. I wanted something different.
The solution of course was to design my own. Now this is very cool. Rather than picking a very small yet curiously expensive bauble out of a display cabinet, a guy actually makes it just like you want. The only thing which would be cooler than this would be to make it yourself, but I figure that an engagement ring is not the best thing to learn lost wax casting on.
After rejecting multiple diamonds before selecting the right one, I gave Brian (the jeweler) a crummy sketch on a postit note which he then had to decipher. From that, he sent a mockup which was a photoshop of an existing ring and a photo of my stone. All very clever, and let you get a very good idea of what the ring would look like, along with a couple of variations to think about. Cleverly I deleted all trace of these files to avoid getting caught (it was a surprise remember), so I can’t show them to you now.
But I can show you the real thing.

Apparently the jeweler liked it so much that it is one of the ones which comes up when you enter his website. I have no idea if it will stay, but if you click the picture you might be able to see it (it is only on the front page sometimes)
Oh, the stone is a fancy vivid yellow diamond. The colour in the picture is pretty true to the colour in real life.
Cool huh?
Although the first sentence kindof gave the ending away, I proposed to Susanne while we were on a dive one night in Belize. Most importantly she said yes. And I didn’t lose the ring in the fumbling. And because I was underwater I didn’t have any lines to mess up. All of that was a relief.

If anyone wants me to design any jewellery for them, I will be happy to do it for a very modest fee (worth a crack).
We have designed our wedding rings to match. Not as spectacular, but I think pretty cool.

And thanks very much to Brian Knox, the man who made the ring happen.